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Brochures are also known as pamphlets and are an excellent marketing tool. A brochure is generally a standard-size sheet of paper that has been folded lengthwise one time to create four panels (bi-fold) or folded two times to create six panels (tri-fold).

Brochures are usually a little more complicated to print than a flyer because each panel has its own margins, its own photos and its own headlines. Businesses create millions of brochures each year and sometimes copywriters are even hired to write the brochure text.

Brochures are opposite of flyers in the throw-away category: they're created especially to be kept and referred to again and again. They're handed out at the end of sales presentations, as take-away information at trade shows and they're displayed in racks at banks, doctors' offices, restaurants and many other places.

It's expected that only people that are interested in learning more about a product or service will pick up a brochure.

The purpose of a brochure is

  • To follow up after an initial sales contact.
  • To give more-detailed information than a flyer.
  • Brochures are used in direct mail campaigns as the follow-up to a postcard that was mailed out to generate interest.